Naxonate® hydrotropes are a proven cost-effective answer to solubility problems in a wide variety of commercial applications. We have been a leader in hydrotropes for more than 40 years! Hydrotropes are effective in the following ways:
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  • Solubilize complex formulas
  • Modify cloud point
  • Control viscosity
  • Reduce foam
  • Minimize cost

Acid Catalysts
We offer a wide range Naxcat® aromatic sulfonic acids in varying concentrations and dilution media. Sulfonic acids are widely used in industrial applications as diverse as esterfication, thermoset resins for paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, and phenolic foam, as well as many others. Ask us about our ability to customize the product to meet your specific needs:
  • Custom blends
  • Pre-blending with
    other components
  • Modified specifications
    to fit the need
  • High purity versions
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Naphthalene Sulfonates
The Naxan® anionic surfactants are a series of sodium salts of alkyl naphthalene sulfonic acid, finding applications in a variety of water based cleaners such as carpet shampoos, automatic dishwashing detergents, and industrial detergents, as well as in emulsion polymerization, photographic solutions, and agricultural formulations.  These products provide excellent wetting, dispersing and medium to low foaming.  They offer acid and base stability, hard-water tolerance and high temperature stability.

Our series of Naxaf® naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensates find application as dispersants in many areas which include textile chemicals, pesticide formulations, cements, emulsion polymerization, pigments and dyestuffs, and leather tanning.

Nease Company has recently obtained third-party certification by NSF International allowing it's Alkylnaphthalene Sulfonate (ANS) product line (Naxan ® PLUS) to be listed on the CleanGredients™ web site. This web site lists chemicals that meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's DfE (Design for the Environment) screening.

Nease's Naxan® PLUS products were developed to be equivalent to it's existing and traditional Naxan® line allowing for easy substitution in customer formulas/applications. The entire Naxan® PLUS product line is classified as "ultimately biodegradable" and has "low aquatic toxicity".  

For more information, please see the product overview.

Our offering of surfactants include Naxolate® – sodium lauryl sulfates and Naxsoft® – alkyl aryl sulfonates and olefin sulfonates.  These products are basic in numerous household, industrial and institution formulations and functions as emulsifiers, wetting agents, detergents, and dispersants. Naxamide® alkanolamides function as foam boosters, stabilizers and viscosity control agents necessary to the formulator in a wide variety of uses from industrial floor cleaners to liquid hand soaps.  

Phosphate Esters
We offer a growing list of Naxonac® phosphate esters for industrial use in a wide variety of applications.  These products are often sold in combination with Naxonate® hydrotropes. 

Specialty Products
Nease offers a growing list of specialty products, which offer excellent performance in formulated detergents and other industrial uses. Naxchem® DDB products are specialty alkylates used in the manufacture of detergents and plasticizers.