When you think hydrotropes - you think Nease. For almost 50 years we've been meeting client needs. Reliability and customer focus are the cornerstones to meeting these needs. Today Nease continues our commitment to providing quality hydrotropes, but we offer much more than that.

As seen from the company history the Nease name has changed but not the focus of our people. And at Nease it's the people that make a difference.

As a leader in the production of sulfonated aromatics, Nease Company LLC has a broad hydrotrope line which is complemented by an ever expanding capability in specialty products with a basic strength in sulfonation technology.

Registered trade names include:
Naxonate® – Hydrotropes
Naxcat® – Sulfonic Acids
Naxan® – Napthalene Sulfonates
Naxonac® – Phosphate Esters
Naxsoft® – Alkyl Aryl Sulfonates
Naxamide® – Alkynolamides
Naxolate® – Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
Naxchem® – Specialties

Nease Company’s plant, warehouse, research and development,
and general offices are all centrally located in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area, allowing us to quickly meet customer needs in a timely and cost effective manner.


Founded in 1951 as the Pedlow-Nease Company which later became the Nease Chemical Company.

Began hydrotrope manufacturing in Cincinnati in 1958.

Acquired by Ruetgers AG in 1978 and renamed Ruetgers-Nease.

Reorganized and became Ruetgers Organics Corporation (ROC) in 1997.

During 1999 Marketing and R&D functions relocated to Cincinnati to better service our customers.

In 2005 Nease Corporation was spun off from Ruetgers Chemicals AG and became a wholly owned subsidiary of International Chemical Investors (ICI).  ICI is a private equity group headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, and specializes in investments in medium sized chemical companies.

In 2014 Nease Corporation name changed to Nease Company LLC.

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